Richard, Surf Aves., Pittsville Rd.


229.7 acres

This park at the southern tip of Staten Island preserves remnants of maritime forest and dune vegetation, along with lawns, meadows, and second-growth woods.

August 14, 1994

Leader: Karl Anderson. Attendance was 15. During this field trip, fourteen additions were made to a plant list prepared in 1990. This is not an unexpected change over a four-year period in a diverse and somewhat disturbed area. The additions were:


Karl Anderson

Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed)
Bidens bipinnata (Spanish needles)
Cirsium vulgare (bull thistle)
Eragrostis capillaris (lace grass)
Iva frutescens (marsh elder)
Kochia scoparia (summer cypress)
Lysimachia ciliata (fringed loosestrife)
Rosa rugosa (wrinkled rose)
Scirpus robustus (salt marsh bulrush)
Setaria faberi (Faber's foxtail grass)
Setaria viridis (green foxtail grass)
Sonchus oleraceus (common sow-thistle)
Spergularia marina (salt marsh sandy spurrey)
Suaeda linearis (southern sea-blite)