Dutchess County, NY


North on the Taconic State Parkway. Head to mile marker 11:27 and exit right (east) onto Hortontown Road. (The exit after the one for Rt. 301 to Cold Spring.) You have to turn around here and head west over the Taconic State Parkway (there being no left exit off the parkway).

Drive 2.1 miles to a pull-off just a little ways north of the Appalachian Trail and just .2 of a mile south of the intersection of Hortontown Road and Miller Hill Road.


The Taconic Parkway, just south of Interstate 84, descends northward into a deep fault-line valley across the face of Hosner Mountain. Here are some good views over the low Taconic Mountains. (Source: Van Diver 1985.)

From the top of Hosner Mountain there is a beautiful viewpoint from which the traveler can see the Hudson Highlands, Shawangunks, and Catskills. Farther on there are views over the Hudson River Valley.


Heading southwest on the Appalachian Trail takes the hiker to Shenandoah Mountain, while heading northeast takes the walker onto Hosner Mountain.

The trail passes through a hemlock grove.

There is a blue-blazed trail on the left which is the old AT trail. It travels parallel with the new AT and rejoins it. It runs lower on the hillside than the new AT.

The trail eventually descends to paved Hosner Mountain Road.