High Rock Park

Richmond Pkwy. & Moravian Cemetery at  Rockland Ave.


85.6 acres

High Rock Environmental Center and Greenbelt Headquarters - Hiking, Environmental Education, Special Events, Summer Day Camp, Concerts, Workshops, Visitor's Center/Gift Shop,  Greenbelt Headquarters and offices for Urban Park Rangers, United States Department of Agriculture Soil Survey Office, Salt Marsh Restoration Group, Greenbelt Conservancy and High Rock Environmental Education Center.

By 1730 Richmond was thriving. During the Revolution, British troops occupied the town. A for and huts were constructed on Richmond Hill. Several skirmishes took place in and near the town. In October 1776 the Americans planned an attack at Richmondtown. The British learned of the attack and prepared a defense. Only two soldiers on each side were killed. All the windows of St. Andrew's Church were damaged.

In August 1777 the Americans led by Major Irving crossed the Kills and landed at Decker's Ferry. The British retreated to St. Andrew's Church. The American fired at the window, again breaking all the glass in the windows. The enemy was forced to flee the church. British reinforcements routed the American who retreated to the shore. (Board of Education of the City of New York:1964:41-42 )

Richmond was the political center of the Island, at least until 1898 when Staten Island became part of New York City. (Steinmeyer 1950:155)


Part of  the Greenbelt Circular Trail.  This trail enters High Rock Park Conservation Center from the park adjacent to the Richmond County Country Club and the Moravian Cemetery.

The trail crosses Rockland Avenue.  There the trail joins the white trail for about a quarter of a mile in the woods.  Then the trail goes for a mile down Rockland Avenue, turning right on Richmond Road and heading west to Richmondtown Restoration.