Ferry Point Park
Schley, Emerson Aves., Westchester Ck., E River, Bronx, NY
413.800 acres

1642  --  the land on which Ferry Point Park was built was part of the Throgmorton Grant

1850  --  shipping magnate Augustus diZerega and tobacco manufacturer Jacob Lorillard purchased the land.

1910-1939  --  ferry companies and the City of New York administered ferries that traveled between the Bronx and Queens, from Westchester Village to Whitestone and from Clason Point to College Point.

1916  -- the Catholic House of the Good Shepherd bought the land.

1930s  --  New York City Parks Commissioner Robert Moses planned a beach, bathhouse, and cafeteria complex for the area.  (The plan was never implemented.)

As part of the deal to build the Bronx Whitestone Bridge, two major recreational areas were developed:  Ferry Point Park in the Bronx and Francis Lewis Park in Queens. 

1937  --  the Parks Commission obtained jurisdiction over 171 acres for the Ferry Point Park. The city purchased the land from the Roman Catholic House of the Good Shepherd.

1939  (April 29)  --  Bronx Whitestone Bridge opened to traffic.

1948   -- two pieces of land totaling 243 acres were acquired by condemnation.

1952-1970  -- sanitation filling began.

1960s  --  Ferry Point was closed because the old dump contained toxic chemicals (including possibly contaminated methane gas).

1999 (December 22)  --  in an unanimous vote the City Planning Commission approved a $22 million dollar project to build a 175-acre golf course at Ferry Point Park.  The golf course would  be designed by Jack Nicklaus under a 35-year lease to private investors. (The surrounding park was to have ballfields, bicycle and pedestrian pathways, basketball courts, and picnic grounds.)

2001  -- the date the golf course was expected to be completed.

Part of the gold course plan was to build a wall that would have cut off the east side of the park from the adjacent Throgs Neck residential neighborhood (consisting mostly of blacks and Hispanics).  And it would have cut off a section of the greenway path intended to connect to the east side of the park at Schurz Avenue. Obviously, this wall caused a great deal of controversy and the golf course plans were stalled.

2004  -- the date the Ferry Point Park Golf Course is slated to open.  Besides the new golf course, there will be a driving range, restaurants and conference space.


New York City is constructing an 8-mile greenway from Soundview Park to Ferry Point Park.

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