Clarence Fahnestock State Park


Canopus Hollow to Fahnestock:

"This corridor, containing many significant habitat hubs, runs along the western edge of  Putnam Valley, including the length of Canopus Hollow, continuing north along the western slopes of Candlewood Hill to the northwest portion of the Town, including a large area of Fahnestock State Park.  This is one of the most biodiverse areas within the entire four-town region. Species of particular significance that were observed in this area include Jefferson and dusky salamanders. Although all of these species appeared to have healthy, thriving populations in this portion of Putnam Valley, they have all but disappeared from Westchester County."

Other noteworthy species occupying this corridor are northern black racer, sharp-shinned hawk, common raven, Canada warbler, hooded warbler, and black-throated green warbler.


Source: Croton to Highlands Biodiversity Plan; or


Japanese Hedge-Parsley (Torilis japonica) with pink flowers has been found in Fahnestock State Park. 

Source:  Guy Tudor.  Now You See It, Now You Don't: A selected list of New York and New Jersey wildflowers and flowerings shrubs not covered in the standard regional guides.The Linnaean News Letter. Volume 59, Number 3, May 2005.