Peekskill, Westchester County, New York


This park is adjacent to and north of Blue Mountain Reservation. There are many different entrances, but the main one is on Walnut Street off Hudson Avenue in Peekskill.


1901  --  U.S. Senator Chauncey M. Depew gave to the Village of Peekskill a tract of about 40 acres, long known as Depew's Woods. 

1903  --  Matthew Clune suggested the land be made into public park and the Legislature passed a bill to set up a park commission.

1918  --an additional gift of 10 acres expanded the park to 50 acres.  Another 10 acres was purchased.

A brook was dammed to form Mitchell Lake. 

There is a statue of Chauncey Mitchell Depew on a hill near the main lake of the park. Chauncey Mitchell Depew (born 4/23/1834, Peekskill; died 4/5/1928, New York City), U.S. railroad lawyer and politician who is best remembered as an orator, a wit, and an after-dinner speaker.

(Source: French 1925:1009-1010.)


There is a swimming pool, basket ball courts, baseball fields, a track, and many other activities.


The trail can be picked up across the park road from the basketball court.

Also here is the Sachoes Nature Center.