Montauk Point


Take Montauk Highway (Route 27) east to Montauk Point.  About one mile before the Montauk Lighthouse is a sign for Camp Hero. 


At one time there was a U.S. Air Force Station where they guarded the coast line. 

A complicated series of land transfers between the federal government and New York State took place in 1974, 1982, and 1984, giving the State ownership of the Camp Hero property.


maritime forest, upland forest freshwater wetlands


From the entrance sign, turn south and look for a trail in the woods on the right side of the road.  It leads down into the freshwater wetland area where the best stand of black tupelo at Montauk can be seen.


The NYS Department of Parks and Recreation petitioned the Federal Government to change the camp into a golf course. Request denied by the National Park Service. Now the National Park Service is considering it again. LIBS accepted an invitation to be represented on the State's Advisory Committee.


Acer rubrum (red maple)
Betula alleghaniensis (yellow birch)
Carya spp. (hickory)
Fagus grandifolia (American beech)
Ilex opaca (American holly)
Nyssa sylvatica (black tupelo)
Quercus alba (white oak)
Quercus coccinea (scarlet oak)

(Daniel Karpen, Bruce Kershner, Peter Kelly, David Hunt; "Old growth black tupelo on Long Island"; LIBS Newsletter, Winter 2004, Vol. 14, No. 1.)