Bloomingdale Park
Staten Island, NY
138.1 acres


Bounded by Richmond Parkway, Lenevar Ave., and Bloomingdale Road.

One way to get to Bloomingdale Road: exit 13 (Elizabeth) for US 278 and Goethals Bridge; off the bridge take exit 5 for Route 440 (West Shore Expressway); get off at exit 3 for Bloomingdale Road at mileage marker 20 33 (at light turn left onto the road). 


Big fight over the park.  Borough Engineer Michael Nagy authored the Bloomingdale Park proposal to install about 12 acres of soccer and baseball fields, tennins, boccie and basketball coursts, etc. on 38 acres in the eastern part of the park.  Borough President Guy V. Molinari took up support for the plan. 

Ellen Pratt, corresponding secretary of the Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, was one of the few who objected to the plan.  The group she represented brough suit against and state and the city. Former park commissioner Henry Stern also opposed the ida because it would destroy thousands of trees.