Annsville Paddlesport Center


Segment 2 Bear Mountain Bridge Road Route 6/202

Bear Mountain Bridge Rd. from Toll House to Annsville Creek Bridge 1.25 miles

This segment or RiverWalk follows the alignment of Bear Mountain Bridge Road (U.S. Routes 6/202) from the Toll House Visitor Center to the Annsville Creek Bridge. Route 6/202 is a narrow, winding and heavily traveled two-lane roadway. This segment will require either a parallel off-road pathway within the road right-of-way or widened shoulder to accommodate non-motorized travel.

Links to Camp Smith Trails and to the Annsville Paddlesport Center at Hudson Highlands State Park. There is the possibility of a waterfront alignment along the Monte Verde property carriage trail between the Toll House and Roa Hook Road for use as alternate alignment in lieu of Route 6/202 routing.